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  • When is the best time to reach out?
    I am available most of the day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Other weekdays and weekends I am available for contact from 9am to 12pm.
  • What is your preferred method of contact?
    I love email and will respond to it! Once you are a client I can also respond regularly through text message, voxer and zoom meetings.
  • What services are available at DevKacie?
    Services available are logo creation, blog post creation, blog post editing for SEO, Website Design, Backend management, Troubleshooting, Full Website Development, Website Redesign, SEO keyword research documents, and more.
  • What SEO services are available?
    Full website SEO which includes all page editing implicating keywords into the website, Smaller packages can include giving you a list of keywords to use for your Business with their search volumes and competition rankings. Blog SEO, and analytics tracking.
  • How many edits do packages include?
    Typically 2 to 4 depending on cost and business need. However, with satisfaction guarantee more edits can be added with no additional charge. Your happiness and business success is my #1 priority.
  • Do you have social media services?
    At DevKacie I do not. However, I work with Meraki Media Management who does. If you are needing this service I can get you in contact for your social media needs.
  • What is your lowest cost service?
    Logo Creation at $10!
  • How much does a website cost to get built?
    Prices range based of need and time of year due to specials and holiday sales. However, most websites range from $100-$500. Depending on business needs and size of website. The price does not include subscription cost of website platform client may want built on and domain cost. However, DevKacie charges lower than typical market prices. This is due to my mission for your business to succeed.
  • How much does your Logo Creation cost?
    A low cost of $10! What you pay for a sandwich can get you a logo through DevKacie with multiple revision options.
  • How much does your SEO cost?
    SEO is typically a $30 monthly subscription. There is one time cost options between $50-100 for clients who just want edits once. My recommendation would be the monthly subscription due to market changes and google changing SEO requirements frequently.
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