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How to deal with Work Funk and Fog

Ever not been able to work? No matter what you do you can't bring yourself to work? All you want to do is sit on your couch with a bag of potato chips and or snack cakes and binge your favorite show. You love your work but for some reason today it repells you and deadlines are creeping up.

Here are some tips to help.

What are some things you love? Do you love boba, or maybe coffee or tea?

If you work from home go somewhere that has one of your favorites with good seating and tables that you can work at.

Take a minute and enjoy that first sip. Enjoy that good bite if you are hungry as well. Take in your surroundings and the change of scenery and let that inspire you. What do you hear? What music is playing? What is the workers doing? Do you smell the coffee or tea?

Focus on your surroundings and let the tempetations of home slip away. If you work in person then do this before work. What this brings is the feeling that work is apart of your day. It isn't the only thing your waking for.

For me starbucks helps me with this as it is close to me, open till 9pm and the seating is nice. However, this could be any place for you. What is convient, what brings you good energy? Sometimes we get bored of the same routine and we need something different. That's okay, it is something that is a part of being human.

I read in a book called Atomic Habits awhile back that it's hard to beat our enviroment but we can change our environment to better suit us.

In summary, my advice is in work funk/fog is to change your scenery. I encourage you to try it rather you work from home or and in person. Make the change a part of your day and let your inspiration flow.

Thank you so much for reading! Comment below if this information was helpful, and what helps you.

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